Burgundy Hair Color: How to Get the Perfect Shade (2023)

If you’ve always wanted that burgundy hair color, but never dared to experiment fearing the results you’d get, this article can help you get the courage.

If you love to make a statement with your hair, but are too shy to go for a very bright color (like blue, bright red or violet), burgundy offers the perfect option. It is dark enough to be subtle and professional at work, but trendy and fashionable enough to stand out as brave and different. It is a versatile shade and comes in a number of different tones, as well. From dark and subtle, to more vibrant and bright.

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The end result will also vary depending on your original hair color. So there is a lot to consider when making the move to burgundy. From your personality to your natural and desired hair color and the process involved.

Burgundy hair color normally refers to red, black and brown hair with purple tones. It is a great look for those who already have dark hair but want to add a different look, or for a transition from light hair to dark.

How to get the perfect shade

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The first step is to find inspiration: research Internet and hair magazines in order to find the shade you want. There are lots of different varieties of burgundy hair out there. Is there a particular celebrity icon you have in mind, perhaps Katy Perry, Rihanna or Cheryl Cole? They all have had head-turning burgundy shades that have been widely photographed and used as style inspiration.

If so, cut out a picture from a magazine and take it with you when you visit a salon to give the colorist a clear picture of what you have in mind. It is advisable for first-timers to go to a hairdresser for their first burgundy hair coloring, since sometimes do-it-yourself hair dyes can look totally different on your hair compared with the color on the box, and this can lead to all kinds of disappointment.

It is best to have a consultation with your colorist and ask for their advice. They will have the experience and knowledge to let you know what will work best against your skin tone and with your original hair color. They also have a color chart where they can show you the different shades and come to a decision with you.

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Research and consultations are really important, so be sure not to skip these steps. It is also important to remember that going dark can be quite a long-term decision and is often a lengthy process torevert back to lighter colors, so think carefully before you decideto try out burgundy hair color.

Burgundy for blondes

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If you put a burgundy color on light blonde hair, you may end up with a bright purple or violet hair. This can be a little over the top and undesired. The first step is to dye your hair a base color (such as a brown-red). Then use this neutral shade to build the burgundy over it.

Darker blondes will find it easier to get the right shade, but for very light blondes it will be a little trickier (this is why it is useful to have an expert for advice). Some salons and beauty stores carry ‘burgundy blonde’ which produces red/violet undertones for blonde hair. The good thing about being a blonde is that you can experiment with more vibrant tones if you feel daring.

Burgundy hair color for dark hair

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If your hair is very dark – dark brown or black – burgundy is not the easiest of shades to achieve. The reason is that it tends to come out as too subtle with dark hair, and this especially happens with shop bought dyes. It can be really frustrating to look at the box and see a model with vibrant burgundy hair, only to wait for the color to develop, dry it off, and end up with a very similar hair shade to what you started with.

Get yourself to a salon and ask for a vibrant color, which is a better option than messing with lightening your hair first. If you lighten it too much with bleach, you run the risk of ending up with blonde hair. This will turn burgundy into bright purple or violet. Go for permanent rather than semi dyes, as these tend to be brighter.

Burgundy for brunettes

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If you have light to medium brown hair, you have the perfect hair base for burgundy – hooray! The burgundy tones are easily visible with this base hair color and you can experiment with lighter, deeper, or bright and vibrant shades.

This is the kindest option for your hair, as you do not need to worry about a base layer, and can choose semi-permanent rather than permanent dyes, which can have the perfect result and cause less long-term damage to the hair follicles.

Burgundy hair color for red heads

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Red hair is a naturally warm color. It means that going for a reddish purple tone looks great for a change of color. Red hair is another great base for burgundycolor, which switches up your look in a subtle way.

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Depending on the shade, you may want to add a base color. If your red is dark (and less gingery), you can even get away with just adding streaks of burgundy for a creative twist.

What shade of burgundy?

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There are loads of different red-purple tones to choose from, and it is a great excuse for experimenting.

A cabernet inspired shade is a great warm color and the richness suits most skin tones.

A cranberry shade is a brighter option and best suits a peachy or pink complexion.

A raspberry color is a bolder option to draw attention to your face, and again, suits a peachy pink complexion.

A cinnamon tone is warm and great for long, natural looking hair.

A merlot hint can mix cool and warm tones and looks modern, trendy and fashionable with choppy layers and a blunt fringe.

A cherry color is bright and daring, and because of the coolness of the color, it suits neutral or yellow/tan complexions best.


Shades of Burgundy Hair Color for 2023

This year, dark burgundy hair is a strong contender for winter’s biggest color trend.

Scroll on for the coolest burgundy hair colors to try right now, for all hair types and textures.

Here’re 50 burgundy hair color ideas for every hair texture and length to consider for 2023.

Best color matches for burgundy hair?

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At first, it might seem that burgundy is a difficult color choice to match clothes and make-up with. This is not necessarily the case. It just takes a little getting used to and a little knowledge. Start by looking at images of your favorite burgundy hair celebrity. Check out what clothing and make-up she wore well with this tone of hair.

Whether your tone sways towards the purple or red tones, burgundy is a warm color. This means you should choose makeup with dewy pink shades and greens in order to reflect your new color.

Less is definitely more. For eye makeup, moss colored green eyeshadows look fantastic. You can opt for a brown or reddish eyeliner rather than black.

The cheek bones come to life with just a small amount of rosy blusher and the lips will look great nude or with pink-brown shades (bright reds and purples will look like too much). Colors to stay away from are oranges and bronze or certain blues or bright reds. The warmth of your hair can be complimented with warm shades or lighter variations of them.

Colors to stay away from

Colors to stay away from are oranges and bronze, certain shades of blue and bright reds. The warmth of your hair can be complimented with warm shades or lighter variations of them.

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The best part is, the hair often speaks for itself and you only need a touch of natural looking makeup and warm, neutral colors in your clothing to make your hair really stand out. With clothing and accessories think mahogany, lilac, dark purples, greens or browns.

Choose Warm Color

The great thing is that most people can pull off a shade of burgundy, but the key is in choosing the correct shade and what best accompanies it. This color is warm and festive looking, which makes it ideal for autumn/winter, but it can look equally fresh in the spring and summer. When the sun shines, it really picks out the various tones of the hair color and helps it look sleek and shiny.

As with any dyed hair, take good care of its state by using conditioning treatments, getting regular trims, and staying away from too much heat and products. Too many chemicals can wear down the condition of your hair, so be sure to keep a check on it.

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A great addition to your hair supplies and a great tip for burgundy hair is to invest in some shine spray. Burgundy hair catches the light magnificently, and just a light spritz of shine spray is often all you need to complete your hairstyle.

So, if you are like me and you have blonde hair as a starting point – a burgundy color may be a long process, but it is well worth it in the end. But be warned – once you have the desired tone, you need to be committed to it, because going back to blonde is another long reversal process.

Have you got burgundy hair? How did you achieve this look and was it a simple enough process? As ever, we love hearing your experiences and hair advice. Just pop a comment in the box below and get involved!

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How do I make the perfect color burgundy? ›

What Colors Make Burgundy Paint? As described, burgundy is a deep reddish-brown, which can be achieved by blending two parts red and one part blue, or you can use a brown and then add more red and small amounts of blue.

What number developer should I use for burgundy hair? ›

Used 30 volume developer & Loreal excellence color in cherry let sit for 25min all from Sally's beauty supply.

What colors make burgundy hair color? ›

Burgundy is a muted violet red. You mix warm brown, red, and purple to make it. With hair color, you can achieve burgundy by mixing red-violet and copper.

What skin tone looks best with burgundy hair? ›

As a rule of thumb, cooler burgundy shades that contain lots of red and violet look best on people with pink, olive or ebony skin tones. Warmer burgundy shades that contain more brown tones are beautiful on complexions that are peachy or golden.

How do I make my hair dark burgundy? ›

It's hard to go burgundy when you have dark hair because the color is likely not to show up. If it does, there are chances your hair may just look brown and not burgundy. Bleaching your hair till it gets to a brown or red tone first is a good idea for when you want to go from dark hair to burgundy.

What color does burgundy fade into? ›

With burgundy colours, the tones fade into violet or purple hues. There might be a slight variation according to the kind of dye you use (permanent or semi-permanent), but all of them fade into some shade of violet.

What does 20 developer do to hair dye? ›

20 volume is likely the most used developer in the salon. 20volume will give 1-2 levels of lift when used with permanent hair color. It is the standard developer for grey coverage, however, a stronger developer may be needed for more resistant hair types.

Should I use a 10 or 20 developer? ›

10 Volume is only used to open the cuticle layer so the color molecules deposit in the cortex for long-term results. Use 20 Volume when lifting hair color one or two levels (levels refer to the oxidizing potential).

Should I use a 20 or 30 developer? ›

Developer Choice Going Lighter With Regular Color

Use 20 Vol if you are aiming for a 1-2 level lift. Use 30 Vol is you are aiming for a 2-3 level lift. Use 40 Vol if you are aiming for a 3 level lift and if the hair is particularly difficult to color. Note that the mix should always be respected.

What shade is burgundy hair? ›

Read on for 42 of the best burgundy hair color ideas to show your colorist. Burgundy hair is a rich and saturated hue that falls somewhere between red and blue on the color spectrum. Think vampy maroon, deep plum, or red velvet. It's safe to say we're utterly obsessed.

Which burgundy hair color is best? ›

Top 10 Burgundy Hair Color Products In India
  1. L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss – 316 Burgundy. ...
  2. Garnier Color Naturals – 3.16 Burgundy. ...
  3. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Triple Care Color – 3.16 Burgundy. ...
  4. BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color – 4.20 Wine Deep Burgundy.
Jan 31, 2023

Is burgundy more red or purple? ›

Burgundy is a dark red-purplish color.

Does burgundy hair make you look older? ›

Too brassy

Too much of a reddish orange undertone in your hair can make it look dull and damaged—the typical signs of aging hair, says celebrity hairstylist Gabriel Samra. The red tones can also make your skin look redder and rob skin of a youthful glow, adds Kyle White, senior stylist at Oscar Blandi.

Is burgundy a warm or cool tone? ›

Burgundy is a deep red color that is created by adding some purple to the red, blue, and yellow primary colors. It is more of a cool toned red. Burgundy has become one of the most popular colors for lipstick shades and other makeup. It has also become a super popular winter color when it comes to fashion.

Is burgundy hair warm or cool? ›

Well, a classic burgundy shade contains both warm and cool tones, unlike most red hair colors which lean towards the warmer side of the spectrum. This means that burgundy hair looks great on almost all skin tones. The color itself is a combination of purple and red, but can also include some orange.

How do you keep burgundy hair vibrant? ›

These tips will help you maintain your red hair in between touch-up visits with your colorist.
  1. Go a shade darker than your desired hue. ...
  2. Don't wash your hair for at least 2 days post-color. ...
  3. Use cold water when you wash your hair. ...
  4. Shampoo less often. ...
  5. Condition your hair after every wash. ...
  6. Be gentle with your wet hair.

How do I make dark burgundy with Rit dye? ›

To make burgundy, start with cardinal red (scarlet red can be subbed) and add a deep neutral dye like dark brown (charcoal grey or black can be subbed) and then add a little dark plum fabric dye (purple can be subbed).

Does burgundy hair fade to brown? ›

Q. What colour does burgundy fade to? Good news – since you don't have to bleach your hair, burgundy doesn't fade into a lighter colour. It will mostly fade to a deep violet or a purple hue.

Is burgundy more red or brown? ›

Burgundy is a dark reddish-brown inspired by the color of wine from the Burgundy region of France. This deep, dark red color with violet tones is the result of a sophisticated blend of green, blue and red. The vibrance of the red in Burgundy is toned down by the coolness of blue and calmness of green.

What happens if you put too much developer in hair dye? ›

What Happens If I Put Too Much Developer In The Dye? Your mix will be more wet, & more runny. If it is way too runny, you may end up lightening the hair, but not depositing enough color. It will end up thinner, flatter and last less long.

How long should I leave 20 developer in my hair? ›

For 20 and 30 Vol developer, the time taken can vary from 15 minutes up to 30 minutes. Please note, however, there is no fixed development time with bleach - you need to check every few minutes and rinse when the hair is lifted.

What happens if you use 30 developer instead of 20? ›

20 volume developer is intended to lift the hair 1-2 levels. 30 volume developer lifts the hair three levels, and 40 volume developer lifts four levels.

How long do you leave 10 volume developer on? ›

Standard Processing Time: 30 minutes. Processing time for gray coverage: up to 40 minutes. Instructions: In a non-metallic bowl, mix one-part Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Creme with one-part Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Creme Developer 10-40 Volume (1:1).

Can I use 30 developer with red hair dye? ›

Dye your hair using a higher-level (lighter) red.

If you plan to go one or two shades lighter than your current red color, you can use a lighter red dye with a 20- or 30-volume developer.

What volume developer should I use to cover grey? ›

Always Use a 20 Volume Developer

Gray hair tends to be resistant and typically takes longer to grab hold of the hair. Since there is no pigment, there is no need to lift. You just need to open the cuticle enough to deposit the color.

Does 30 developer make hair lighter or darker? ›

30 volume developer (9% peroxide)

Lightens up to 3 levels. Used for dyeing and also for lightening hair. Suitable for coloring grey hair. The most often it is mixed with permanent color and lightening cream or powder.

How many shades does 30 vol lift? ›

30 volume developer is ideal for lifting 2-4 levels using permanent hair color depending on the texture of the hair. It can also be used for grey coverage on more resistant hair types.

What color makes burgundy hair pop? ›

Burgundy hair color is a popular choice for those who are looking to try something new and different. You can go with just burgundy, or blend it with other colors such as chocolate browns, reds, deep plums and dark purples for an all-over shade that will surely make your head the center of attention at any event.

What is the difference between auburn and burgundy hair color? ›

Auburn encompasses the color maroon, but so too do chestnut and burgundy. In contrast with the two, auburn is more red in color, whereas chestnut is more brown, and burgundy is more purple; chestnut hair is also often referred to as "chestnut-brown".

What color is the same as burgundy? ›

Maroon falls very closely to burgundy on the color wheel, so a lot of the same colors that complement burgundy also work well with maroon.

Does red burgundy auburn hair make you look younger or older? ›

A rich, red auburn will enhance brunettes and redheads alike and give the appearance of younger and more radiant skin by reflecting light around the face with its warm tint.

Which is more red maroon or burgundy? ›

Maroon vs burgundy. Maroon is more of a brick red: brownish red. Burgundy has a purple tint to it.

How often should I dye my hair burgundy? ›

**OR you're a red head (sorry, this automatically applies to all shades of Red) 4-6 weeks is standard time in between color appointments. Re-dye often, but not too often.

Is burgundy color outdated? ›

When you think of the word 'burgundy', you may get flashbacks of the outdated burgundy and hunter-green design trend of the 90s, but this warm and inviting colour is back and being incorporated in design schemes and fashion trends everywhere.

Are there different types of burgundy? ›

In Burgundy, four main grape varieties are grown. The "red" grape varieties are Pinot Noir and Gamay. The "white" varieties are Chardonnay and Aligoté. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the most common.

What is the color code for deep burgundy? ›

Burgundy is a dark reddish-purple color with the hex code #800020, frequently encompassing shades of reddish-brown as well.

How do you make burgundy or maroon? ›

Maroon is a mix of red and brown, while burgundy is a mix of red and purple.

What Rit dye colors make burgundy? ›

To make burgundy, start with cardinal red (scarlet red can be subbed) and add a deep neutral dye like dark brown (charcoal grey or black can be subbed) and then add a little dark plum fabric dye (purple can be subbed).

What's the difference between maroon & burgundy? ›

Maroon vs burgundy. Maroon is more of a brick red: brownish red. Burgundy has a purple tint to it. Shades of maroon, Maroon, Burgundy color.

Is burgundy a warm or cool color? ›

Is burgundy a cool or warm color? Contrary to popular belief, burgundy is actually a cool color. This is because of its purple undertones.

What is the difference between maroon and burgundy color? ›

As mentioned above, red is the base color of both maroon and burgundy. But the two are distinguished by the additional hues that are added to red: Maroon has brown undertones, while Burgundy has a distinctly purple hue.

Does burgundy have the same effect as red? ›

The Psychology of Burgundy

It is seen as more serious than lighter shades of red and lacks a sense of fun, light energy that shades like pink have. Burgundy can be viewed as a color indicating power. The combination of it's psychological seriousness and powerful energy give it a sense of high ambition.

Does Rit dye come in burgundy? ›

Brave Burgundy – Rit Dye.

What is the ratio for Rit dye? ›

As a general guideline, one box of powder dye or 4 ounces of liquid dye will color one pound of dry weight fabric (about 3 yards of lightweight fabric or two adult large t-shirts). To obtain a lighter color, use less dye. For a darker or brighter color, double the amount of dye.

Is wine red and burgundy the same color? ›

With its red undertones and purple tint, burgundy is perceived as an intense hue and is different than Maroon, Wine, and Marsala.

Is burgundy and magenta the same color? ›

Even though they have similar characteristics, both magenta and burgundy are separate shades. Burgundy is a secondary color formed through a mix of red, blue and green, the shade created is much darker than the brighter tones of magenta.

What does the color burgundy look like? ›

Burgundy is a dark reddish-brown inspired by the color of wine from the Burgundy region of France. This deep, dark red color with violet tones is the result of a sophisticated blend of green, blue and red.

Which burgundy colour is best? ›

Top 10 Burgundy Hair Color Products In India
  1. L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss – 316 Burgundy. ...
  2. Garnier Color Naturals – 3.16 Burgundy. ...
  3. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Triple Care Color – 3.16 Burgundy. ...
  4. BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color – 4.20 Wine Deep Burgundy.
Jan 31, 2023


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